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At Bulls-i, Inc., you won’t find ready-made signage solutions, but lines of modular systems with infinite possibilities, which just need your corporate signature to be fully useful to you. We are not a rigid assembly line, but a know-how workshop that gives the word “quality” back its true meaning.


We understand that practicality and aesthetics can go hand-in-hand, or is all a matter of design, as purists might say. So give us a sign. We’ll do the rest.


Leatherette Bag Tag 1
Leatherette Name Badge 4
Leatherette Name Badge 2
Leatherette Name Badge 1
Leatherette Phone Holder 1
Leatherette Name Badge 3
Leatherette Name Plate 1
Unisub Name Badges

Whether you are looking for retail signage, employee recognition, directional signs in a commercial building, baggage identification, or donor recognition, Bulls-i is here to help.  Consider our new line of leatherette,  wood engraving, 3d wood carving or utilize our full-color capabilities on your next project.  We have the ability to produce one at a time as well as large quantity requests.


EZ Rail7
EZ Rail9
EZ Rail10
EZ Rail8
EZ Rail2
EZ Rail5
EZ Rail3
EZ Rail6
EZ Rail1
EZ Rail4


Cast Plaque_james-wilson
Precision Tooled_terrill-hill
Precision Tooled_silver-dollar-city
Bronze Plaque_andrea-williams-congress
Dedication Plaque_johnnovinson
Etched_jeff gordon
Precision Tooled_public-service-plaque_9063
Cast Plaque_mccandlesshospital

Enjoy the flexibility EZ Rail Plaque Systems provide when displaying plaques, team photos, staff pictures, All-State recipients, Conference Championships, Hall of Fame inductees, etc. The EZ Rail Plaque System is designed based on the number and size of plaques and/or available wall space. Standard systems ship in 5 foot sections. There are many rail colors to choose from so your EZ Rail Plaque System should complement any decor. EZ Rails arrive assembled and ready to hang.


Standard hardware is included.

From concept and design to final production, we are here for you every step of the way.

Choose from many materials, styles, and configurations to convey your message...from bronze to aluminum to plastic to acrylic to wood...we look forward to working with you to accomplish your signage goals.


Standard hardware is included.


Interior Signage4
Interior Signage5b
Interior Signage2

Looking for a little contemporary dimension? Whether you want to showcase local photography, past presidents, hole-in-one recipients, family tree or a mural of a landscape favorite, our stand-out interior signage is sure to make a lasting impact. Stand-offs come in a variety of colors, heights, etc; so, don't hesitate to look to the Team at Bulls-i for some guidance.

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