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Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated with photography. This probably came from when as a little kid noticing how much my mother enjoyed taking photos with her Kodiak Brownie. How excited we were when it was time to go and get the developed photos back from the Rexall drug store! After all these years I still enjoy looking at her photos.


After making a career change eighteen years ago I felt I was in sort of creative vacuum. The new job was great and all, but....! This is when I began taking a very serious interest in photography. Film first and then of course digital.


To me every aspect of photography is exciting especially the capturing of a fleeting moment and the idea of what to create and then how to create it. The lighting, technique, what equipment to use and post processing all have an equal importance in the creative outcome of my photography. I enjoy being there in the moment. I aspire to be good enough at my craft to prove that I was there and also hope that you will be enticed to join me.


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I have been photographing sports in Traverse City since 2006, and for several years before that in the Kalamazoo area. Over the years, I have expanded to include other events that I attend and High School senior portraits.


My mission is "Making Memories Last" by capturing the meaningful moments that athletes, parents, family and friends can look back on with fondness. In addition to sports, I also shoot events such as class and family reunions, parties and anniversaries, open houses and proms.


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As an award winning nature photographer with almost 25 years of experience as a natural resource manager, my inspiration is the great outdoors. This is a beautiful world that we live in, and the opportunity to capture this beauty is the essence of my photography. My quest and pleasure is to capture with the camera and to share that moment in time when nature takes your breath away. To capture that feeling of a glorious autumn day in the woods; a scintillating summer sunset; a crisp, clear winter morning; a springtime wildflower show or the infinite number of ways that nature reveals its beauty.


Click Here to view some of the moments that have inspired me and I hope too that you will share my passion for the beauty in this world.


Specializing in picturesque, Northern Michigan, Jim Anderson has spent years photographing some of the most amazing landscapes. Whether you are looking for golf course photography, aerial shot of your school campus or breathtaking views of the Great Lakes, we are sure to have an image that will suit your needs.


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