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If you've used promotional products before, you know their power. If you're new to promotional products, you're right to make them a part of your marketing strategy. There are thousands of products at our disposal, but the Team at Bulls-i utilizes its background in marketing to offer reliable suggestions that will ultimately meet your needs.  


Research has shown time and again that promotional products work.


A 2004 study by L.J. Market Research clearly demonstrates that promotional products offer you advantages that may not be available in other media such as:

  • High Recall. Customers will remember your organization long after they have received your promotional product.

  • Repeated Exposure. You'll make a lasting impression because of the length of time the promotional item is kept

  • Favorable Impression. Customers who receive promotional items come away with a measurably more favorable impression of your organization resulting in an increased propensity to do business with you.

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