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2017 National Cherry Festival Art Competition

The year 2017 is the 91st Anniversary of the National Cherry Festival.  To submit artwork for its annual art competition, please click on the appropriate link below. 

As it relates to the General Art Competition, applicants are encouraged to produce digital, traditional, contemporary, impressionist, and/or abstract works of art.

If you are an elementary teacher in our 5-county area and you're interested in your students taking part in this competition, please feel free to download the rubric below to help guide your class when making selections.

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2016 National Cherry Festival Print

The 2016 commemorative print and the 90th Anniversary Fine Art print are available as 19 1/2" x 13 1/2" limited editions (150), signed and numbered prints or as 8" x 10" open edition prints.  All of the National Cherry Festival prints are available for sale at our Cass Street location and will be available during Cherry Festival Week at the Bulls-i tent near the food court.  See pricing below.

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National Cherry Festival Commemorative Print Album
NEW!  Open edition 8" x 10" prints are now available since 1986.  You can purchase single prints or an entire collection.  You can even showcase your collection in the official National Cherry Festival leather album. 

National Cherry Festival Album (incl. full collection):  $239.95
National Cherry Festival Album (incl. 2016 print): $ 49.95

2016 Print (limited edition of 150, signed and numbered):  $40 each

Commemorative Prints (1986 - 2016 - Open Edition, 8" x 10")

          1986 - 2016 Print:  $20 each

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