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During these economic times, schools and non-profit organizations are looking for new ways to raise funds.  The challenge:  How to provide good value to the target donors while earning much needed funds.  Below you will find some ideas.

Bulls-i Gift Card Fundraiser
Looking for a new fundraiser that actually provides a good deal to the people purchasing?  Your target donors can purchase a $25 gift card for $10...and you would earn anywhere from $5-$8 per card.  Click on the link below to learn more.
All-Season Sports Program Fundraiser
Here's a great idea on how you can not only raise a significant amount of revenue, but also provide a keepsake for high school sports enthusiasts.  Click Here to see an example.

Key Components:

     1.  Offer the All-Season Sports Program for Fall, Winter and Spring sports
     2.  Advertisers who invest in the All-Season Sports Program are included in 3 consecutive printing   
     3.  Allow teams to sell ads all year.  This ensures they can sell when it's best for their team...in our out
          of season.
     4.  Create a system where if a team sells an ad, that team has first right to sell the same ad at the
           time of renewal.  This will help them sustain a fundraiser annuity.
     5.  If an advertiser purchases a 1/2 page or full page ad, include a banner ad for them on your
     6.  Work with a local photographer and ask for the team pictures for free in exchange for recognition 
          and a 1/4 page ad in the program.

The TC West Athletics Booster raised an estimated $26,000 after selling ads in the Fall and Winter seasons of 2012/2013.  At Bulls-i, we aim to be your resource for high-quality products, but given some of our knowledge and technologies, if we can help local schools and non-profit groups raise money, we will help as much as we can.  Contact Us
today if you would like additional information.