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Let our Bulls-i team help you acknowledge and preserve the accomplishments of your golf champions, employees, sales executives, athletic team success, etc. by having us create a perpetual cabinet, frame, or trophy for you.  Whether you need us to utilize standard configurations or create a one-of-a-kind design, we are here to provide the finest craftsmanship, design capabilities, and customer service our industry has to offer.

Perpetual Cabinets

Why do our Perpetual Cabinets stand out from the crowd?


   1.    Door provides easy access for plate updates

   2.    Tarnish free plates with exceptional readability

   3.    Digital technology utilized to create vibrant header designs in full-color

   4.    Framing and finish techniques used for fine art 

   5.    Ability to match font styles, font sizes, and place the text perfectly on each body plate each

    year unlike most engraving systems.

   6.     Each perpetual cabinet is built to your specifications.  Once complete, we install a

    security mounting system making it easy for you to hang each cabinet...no more key holes you

    have to line up. 


Standard Features:


    Title plate with custom image and text

    * Aluminum body plate colors:  Brushed Silver, Brushed Gold or White

    * 6 standard frame moldings

    * V-Groove and beveled mat cutouts

    * Top and backer mat - Choose from many color options to match your decor

    * Conservation glass (Clear or Non-Glare); Conservation plexi is utilized for our largest 


    * Conservation mats - many colors to choose from

   * Door Hinge:  Gold or Silver



    * Custom perpetual cabinet designs available upon request

Typical Price Range:  $475 - $2500

    Signature Series Perpetual Plaques

    As you can imagine, we like to do things a little bit different.  These are not your typical, standard perpetual plaques you can buy from any trophy dealer.  Instead, we will custom design the layout based on your needs.  We like to incorporate textures, logos and various graphical design techniques to make these plaques much more appealing and personal.  Below are some of the standard features:



       1.    All plaques are 3/4" thick, genuine walnut and have a keyhole on 2 sides.

       2.    Tarnish free plates with exceptional readability.  Available in gold, silver, bronze & white.

       3.    Digital technology utilized to create vibrant designs in full-color

       4.    Ability to match font styles, font sizes, and place the text perfectly on each body plate each

               year unlike most engraving systems.


        * Custom perpetual plaque designs are encouraged

    Typical Price Range:  $250 - $500




    Economy Series Perpetual Plaques

    Looking for something more basic?  No problem.  We have many colors, styles, and configurations at your disposal.  Whether you are looking for the NEW, magnetized Pocket Plaqeus or something more traditional, let us help.  Click here to see just a few of these configurations.


    Perpetual Trophies
    Sometimes a perpetual plaque or frame just doesn't fit the bill.  Instead you simply want the ability to hoist the trophy or display it in a trophy cabinet.  No problem, we have created many perpetual trophies utilizing crystal, pewter and silver cups, bronze sculptures, cultured stone, marble, art glass, etc.  What's nice is that we can still take advantage of our tarnish-free plates with exceptional readability making it easy for onlookers to read the history year after year.